Lucie’s Graduation

It’s a bit complicated… Especially since Lucie is still going to school 🙂 But the short story is that during her studies at Bellevue College, the school has changed to a 4 year institution thus allowing those in existing programs to “upgrade” their 3 year Interior Design degrees (as well as others) to a 4 year BAs just by adding the last year and change. So Lucie has graduated from the original program but has 2 classes left in order to get her BA but those have to be taken subsequently in different semesters. So final, final date will be sometime in January 2011…

Skiing Olympic Whistler 2010

After being in Vancouver for the Olympics we drove up to Whistler to continue watching some of the downhill skiing and were able to ski and share lift rides with some of the sportsman like Zahrobska, Body and their teams. Thanks to our friends we had an incredible accommodation in 5 million $ house on Blueberry hill and the only drag was the “no parking” rule in the Whistler village