Nella was born …. At Fire Station!

We knew the 2nd child would be born faster. We made plans to accommodate. We didn’t wait and drove as soon as contractions started. And yet we still didn’t make it…

Hi, I am Nella and I was born at Renton Fire Station 16 on June 10th at 2:54 AM!

As soon as we got into our car in front of our house the water broke. I knew it would take about 35 minutes of swift driving to get to the hospital. But after getting on a HWY169 we ran into a cop sitting on a side. Doing about 90mph in 50mph zone I was thinking, oh no I am going to jail so I pulled next to him and asked if he would accompany us to the hospital so we can get there faster. He drove at speed limits, no flashing lights and when he turned onto a side street Lucie yelled go to the freeway! I decided to follow him and we ended at the fire station. Thinking good, they are going to get her into an ambulance and we will go. Never-mind their ambulance is not equipped for baby delivery. We were told paramedics will come and take her. Marc, who was the EMT on that shift never delivered baby, so it was him,me and of course Lucie with the other firemen assisting. By the time the paramedics got there it was too late for any transport. 7 minutes later Nella was born into Marc’s hands. They gave me something that looked like a small box cutter but it was sealed in a bag so I assumed it is sterile and I cut the cord. After Nella was crying thus breathing and very alive.
I will spare you the details but 2 hours later we were all safe in the hospital and the doctor said everything is fine. Now we are at home, all healthy, happy and Lucas a bit jealous he is not the only one any more.

Thanks to our parents for the help, friends for visiting and support and all of you for your wishes.

Tomas, Lucie, Nella and Lucas