Greenwater to I90 2nd motorcycle attempt on dirt

We have tried last week of June only to get stopped very early by snow. I needed to do a test run after doing valve adjustment on my BMW R1200 GS so we set with Michal for a 2nd try. On google maps it looked liked there are multiple ways around the snow roadblock – we were wrong.

We made it 0.5 miles further on FS 7036 only to find 5 feet of snow visible for couple miles. We tried the first way around. Only to run into a corps of something big – probably deer that reminded us we need to be careful – one mistake and we would join it in its afterlife…. All of the other ways we looked at were dead ends. So back to FS 7030 and trying via the other valley. The GPS shows we can connect on FS 7035 and while I am skeptical since this is very close to Tacoma watershed we are going to try it.

The road very quickly becomes overgrown and almost a single track. The first issue comes when we get to a washout. We push standing next to the big bikes in a gear and after 30 minutes are over. The next issue are fallen rocks Рagain 30 or so minutes later we have path.. The next block was above our ability with big bikes Рbasically washout with 3 places where we would have to get the bikes over and not enough time/energy to do it in the highly probable case of returning the same way. A group of rides with a shovel or on lighter bikes would have no issues. So we go back and negotiate  the washouts once more.

I noticed there are reports of people making it from 410 to I90 via FS 7037 but can’t find it on any map – anybody would be able point where it starts?

Full GPS map here

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